Telecom-Egypt Training Sector Responsibilities

1 Analyzing the specific training needs to Telecom-Egypt sectors and determining the appropriate required training programs to be implemented 
2 Producing the most appropriate subject-matters that satisfy work actual needs.
3 Scheduling, conducting and implementing the basic and specialized training courses assigned for Telecom-Egypt newly appointed personnel
4 Scheduling, conducting and implementing refreshing training courses for Telecom-Egypt currently working personnel. 
5 Scheduling and implementing re-training programs covering new specializations.
6 Scheduling, conducting and implementing English language training courses.
7 Supervising and controlling the implementation of the training programs supplied by foreign companies.
8 Scheduling, conducting and implementing various training programs for not Telecom-Egypt trainees (outsider).
9 Following-up on-job trainees with a view to measuring training effectiveness.
10 Scheduling and implementing the set programs allocated for the students of the technical secondary school who receive their education and training in telecommunications field at Telecom-Egypt Training Sector.
11 Formula performance methods required for operation sectors.
12 Administrating English language and technical pretests for Telecom-Egypt delegates dispatched on official missions.
13 Measuring the skill levels of non Telecom-Egypt telecommunication personnel plus evaluating telex operators graduated at private telex institutes. 
14 Providing the necessary equipment, instruments, tool and materials required for implementing the desired effective training
15 Taking the necessary measurers and formalities that enable Telecom-Egypt personnel to join the in-country national and foreign training centers and institutes 
16 Organizing intended scientific seminars and lectures for telecommunication engineers and technicians, in various specializations, with the aim of upgrading their scientific abilities and acquainting them with the most recent telecommunications technologies.
17 Preparing training reports, statistics and data, in addition to setting up the monthly, quarterly and annual achievement reports of the allocated training plan.
18 Marketing training programs at the national and international levels.


 Training inputs

1.    Telecom-Egypt sectorsí training needs.

2.    Job personnel analysis results.

3.    Reliable standardized performance methods.

4.    Performance rates.

5.    Trainees from Telecom-Egypt various sectors.

6.    Trainers from Telecom-Egypt sectors working on part-time basis.

7.    Training equipment, instruments, tools and materials.

 Training outputs


1.    Updated subject-matters to be used at telecom-Egypt Training sectors and its affiliated regional training centers.

2.    Qualified active trainers capable of shouldering the responsibility of implementing training programs effectively.

 3.    Well-trained persons to serve as staff members at Telecom-Egypt various sectors.

4.     Job aids to be used at the various working sites.

 5.    Recommended  the adaption of non-training solutions for performance problems..