Chief of the Training Sector

 Duties and Responsibilities: 

1.  To Analyze Telecom Egypt training needs and prepare the annual and strategic training plans

2.  To Plan, organize, staff, direct and control Telecom Egypt Training Activities for more than 9000 trainee/year.

3.  To Organize External Local & abroad training for Telecom Egypt Employees.

4.  Administer Language and Technical Pre-selection tests for Telecom Egypt Delegates for training abroad.

5.  Control Production of directives, practices and procedures for Telecom Egypt Operating Sectors.

6. Telecom Egypt  / ITU coordinator.

7.  Promote the application of training Standards and methods adopted by ITU.

8.  Foster Cooperation between Arab States training centers .

9. who is responsible?
















 General Information
Name Shawki Abd Elmoniem Ahmed


Eng.Shawki Abd Elmoniem Ahmed


Nationality Egyptian
Present Job Under secretary chief, Training Sector- Telecom Egypt
Telephone (202) 404 0202
Fax (202) 261 3504

* High studies Diploma in Computer Engineering – Faculty of Engineering- Ain Shams University – Cairo - 1978 

* B.S.C. Degree in Telecommunication Engineering –Faculty of Engineering Ain Shams University – Cairo - 1965


       Professional Experience: