A- Industrial Secondary School Students:       

 There are two industrial secondary schools. The first one is a three year system in which the first year is general education then the students are divided to study networks and Electrical power & Air Conditioning.

The second school is a five years system in which the first two years is general education then the student are devided to study trasmission and electrical exchanges.

B- Telecom. Egypt Employees:

   New Employees:  

        Programs are prepared for getting them acquainted with different technical, administrative and regulative activities existing in Telecom. Egypt.


Transformed Labour: 

        They are trained on specific programs and activities in their new field and this is after their former activities become age-old. Like transferring the cross bar exchange workers into modern electronic exchanges or train Telegraph and administrative offices workers on using computers.


Activating labour:

        Programs are prepared for them from time to time to get them acquainted with new systems and information in administrative and scientific fields.

C- Trainees from outside Telecom. Egypt

They are trainees from Arab countries who are trained on special programs through the International Telecomunication Union ITU organization and through their embassies or private companies, government or through public individuals by personal contracts.



A-Training sector employees who are specialized in teaching specific programs.

B-Telecom. Egypt employees who are turned to for help in case of shortage of the training sector instructors.

C- University professors (especially in administrative programs).

D-Specialists from the International Telecomunication Union (ITU) in case of having conferences in special courses.