Outside Plant

In this department, essential and stimulating training is performed for technicians and engineers working in the field of networks in the company. It contains 9 laboratories covering different fields of networks in the form of training models and training devices and equipment. Each laboratory can accommodate 20 trainees.

                1.Telephone Sets Laboratory:

It contains a number of Alcatel and Dialogue telephone units, AVH 120, AVH 100 main and subsidiary and all telephone units and measuring instruments parts used in determining and removing any failure of units.

              2.Cable Splicing Laboratory:

It contains all types of cables used in the organization equipped with all possible line failures to be determined by using cable troubleshooting devices model (710) - bridge pager Dynatel (537) pulse echo and other equipment necessary for performing troubleshooting tests.

            3. Civil Works Laboratory:

It contains machines for towing cables, removing water and cleaning pipes and different digging equipment and all civil works. 

            4. Subscribers Installations Laboratory:

It contains all telephone sets models that have been installed for customers and all models of cabins and distribution boxes and models of walls on which telephone lines are fixed. It also contains all equipment and devices used for new work sheet implementation and maintenance  and failure determination of cabins and equipment.

            5. Test and Frame Laboratory:

It consists of branches of Swedish, German, and American models and test offices of different models and devices for determining and eliminating failures of branches and test offices.

            6.Cabin Connections Laboratory:

It contains all models of cabins, line connection and troubleshooting devices used inside the organization. 

            7. Over Head Cables Laboratory:

It contains models of arms, insulators, wires, fastening pieces and all other antenna equipment as well antenna cables with different

                8. Cables Fault Location Laboratory:

It contains devices used to detect all cable faults..